RiotVinx Streaming ranked TT! :O

  • Hello there night-owls!

    I am RiotVinx, an intern on the community team, and I'm joining up with a couple of my friends to play some ranked Twisted Treeline

    Feel free to tune in!
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    Originally Posted by Faims View Post
    Why did I read that as "Streaming naked"? =(
    Wishful thinking, perhaps?

    Done for the night -- thanks to everyone who tuned in!

    Won 2 and lost 2 =X
  • And I'm streaming again! Come on and join me for some epic Twisted Tree Action
  • I wasn't paying too close attention to the chat ploki, so I'll definitely try to be a bit more aware next time! Thanks for the comment though-- always hoping to improve the quality of the community of the stream