Less than half the champions available were used/banned in IPL 5

  • Balance.
  • I am actually really proud of our live balance team. Not only were 66 different champions picked, but of the ~40 not played, a large number fit into the following categories:

    Clearly tournament viable but just not used (e.g., Kayle, J4, Singed, Hecarim, Sivir, Udyr);
    Niche picks that never had a use-case in this event (e.g., Fizz),
    Lesser used champs whose players got were either not in attendance or were knocked out early (e.g., Kassadin, Fiddlesticks, Swain); and
    Potential breakout stars that none of us would be surprised seeing competitively in a month's time (e.g., Varus, Wu Kong, Syndra).

    Major props to the Live team.
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    Originally Posted by BlacksmithAlpha View Post
    Who uses fizz/fid/swain in tournies?

    i would be very surprised to see a wu or syndra in a tourny in a months time unless there were buffs to them.
    *Fiddle is played as support in major events.

    *Swain was used at Worlds, I think by Invictus Gaming(?).

    *Wu Kong can dominate a lot of midlane/mage matchups and, coming out of top, might be the single best Champion to put an Orianna ball on.

    *I don't think any of us can really assess Syndra's power level right now. Her potential is off the charts though.