[Platform][Major] Excessive HUD visual bugs.

  • So I love the new HUD; it looks great, it feels great and the new store is top-notch. However, after PBE got updated for the preseason, I noticed some very... extreme bugs with the new UI.

    Specifically, the rampant parade of psychedelic polygons and distended icons undulating underneath the text and icons whenever I open the shop, chat, the settings menus, champion info or scoreboard.

    The game is not unplayable, but it's still very distracting and far from what is acceptable in such a wide-spread product. I hope this issue is addressed promptly, as it has been ignored every preseason PBE patch since the first one up until now. Thanks for your time.
  • Hey DasFitzkrieg,
    -When exactly did you notice this problem? Was it the latest patch or a previous one?
    -Have you tried running a repair?
    -Are your video drivers up to date?
    -Can you upload your dxdiag logs? Instructions on how to get those, here.