I got a question....

  • this isnt a rant. this isnt complaining. this is a simple question...

    I have 53% win rate and am 1251 elo,

    Dyrus has a 59% win rate, at elo 2000.

    is that 6% difference between me and Dyrus really a range of 800 elo?

    is there something im doing wrong that he is doing right?
  • The difference between your wins and losses, in number of games, tends to be the more accurate indication of your Elo, since each win that isn't counteracted by a loss puts you up a number of points. As a result even a win rate only slightly above 50% can give you quite a high Elo.

    20 games played, 55% win rate. 1 more win than loss, probably an Elo of around 1212.
    200 games played, 55% win rate, 10 more wins than losses, Elo somewhere around the vicinity of 1320.

    Bit more complicated than that once you approach the ends of the Elo curve, if your placement matches weren't exactly even, if you've got a rating that carries over from a previous season, if you duo queue a lot with people noticeably higher or lower in Elo, if you're suffered Elo decay etc of course, but that's the basic deal.