AP Varus with Math!

  • So... tomorrow, we get new and remade items and masteries!

    With the new masteries, we get Spellsword, where each autoattack deals 5% of your total AP as bonus magic damage, which is pretty neat.
    With the remade items, we get Malady, which gives us 25 AP, 45% AS, 28 magic resist shred, and 15+10% of our total AP as bonus magic damage, plus DFG is going up to 100 AP, making it a heavy hitter.
    We also get Runaan's Hurricane, which allows our on hit effects to spread to 2 nearby targets.

    Now, Varus' R has a 1:1 AP scaling, making it a fairly strong ult, especially if it hits more than 1 person, but his W is really what draws people to AP Varus... Lets see some math, shall we?

    With a passive 25% AP added to each autoattack, when added together with Spellsword and Malady, that gives us a combined total of 36+40% AP scaling on each autoattack.

    The "pop" bonus from his W scales at a 2% rate, giving us 1% health shred per 50 AP. So lets see what we can do without screwing his attack speed. Lets go with full AP/lvl runes.
    Obviously we need Malady (45%), and the Hurricane gives us 70% AS, so lets grab berserker boots (20%) and call that a day for attack speed. We can also get +4% AS from masteries, and his base is 1.03 at level 18, I believe that gives us an attack speed sitting between 2 and 2.3, though I could be wrong.

    Malady will give us 25 AP, Deathcap will give us 140, DFG 100, and lets throw in Lichbane for another 80. We then get 24 from masteries and 83 from the runes, which adds up to a combined 452. Except we still get 35% bonus AP (5% from masteries and 30% from deathcap!) which adds up to somewhere around 617 if my math is right.

    With 617 AP each auto attack will deal a bonus 283 magic damage (plus his base AD of 103, making his autos deal just short of 390 per hit to the main target, and about 350 to each of the two secondary targets from hurricane.)

    Except...we still have the secondary portion of his W, the pop. at 617 AP, he'll gain a bonus 12% of the targets HP per stack, meaning each stack will deal 17% of the targets health on a spell hit, and at 3 stacks, we're looking at a rupture for 51% health.

    Now, this is certainly a hyper glass cannon, and most definitely never going to realistically happen, but I think this could be a load of fun, and I'd love to see if anyone can make it work in higher level play.

    This will absolutely demolish any player who hasn't built MR, and it'll still take massive chunks off of people who have some. More importantly, AP Varus already demolishes ADCs due to the fact that he has more AS (he has no choice but to build a crapton anyways), can somewhat keep up on damage, and has that huge burst that you can combo if your AS is high enough (I've hit people with my Q, and tossed out E, and in the time that E took to land, I already had 2 stacks up on them, plus had the lichbane proc in there.)
  • Malady + Hurricane Varus is probably one of the most fun builds I've played with the new items.

    His laning phase is honestly pretty awful until he can get a Malady, but once you get Hurricane and then eventually a Deathcap it's tons of fun in team fights.