-=Close Beta Player=- Feeling Alittle wronged by RIOT

  • Ill keep it brief. Been in military over seas got back OCT. My account was suspended for 200 years. I summit a ticket OCT 12th. Riot reply's with a automated message OCT 27th. Then I ask for alittle more details on whats going on with my account. Support OCT 27th, Riot reply's Nov 12th. The message says I owe a charge back. Riot explains that a Canadian IP log onto my account for about 5months playing using my account. Use a credit card and reneged on charges. I write riot back asking what are my option can I fax paper work showing where ive been last 8 months. It is now 12/4/12. No reply. Since then ive sent in two more tickets.

    Now I love this game and I understand they have to protect there assets. But it would be nice to feel like I could find some resolution here. Atleast take into account that I live in Texas and not In canada. And see my paper work. I feel like there just giving me the cold shoulder and it sucks. Maybe its because they recent sold RIOT to the Chinese. Im not sure.
    There is my rant for the day. Good luck to all you gamers out there with new patch what not. Would love to be there with you.

    Riot Is Now Working To Fix it
    Just wanted everyone to know. Riot has been keeping me well updated on the progress. They are removing the purchases after a certain point and are working to un suspend the account as we speak. Couldnt be more happy with RIOT. Thank you Riot and thank you to everyone who helped me get noticed. <3
  • Thanks raising visibility on this. Give us a bit and we'll get to the bottom of this--sorry you've have trouble getting this sorted.

    Stay tuned,
  • Hey

    Thanks for your patience youÂ’ve expressed with us while we investigate your situation. We should have your account ready to go soon.
  • Glad to hear you we got you sorted out.

    This highlights some communication/total experience areas we need to address--the "200 years" worth of ban messaging needs to change.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and I appreciate your understanding and patience. When we see weird stuff going on with some accounts, it's sometimes best to lock them down to minimize potential damage.

    I'm going to a final check-in with PS and verify everything is good here, but sounds like you're squared away.