Would you like to know why Tribunal is a joke?

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    Enough said.
    Nothing that happened any any of those cases was reportable. In fact, I never once said anything rude to a player without first being attacked, and even then I kept composure pretty well.

    I didn't get banned, so stop saying I did. I got a warning. Lol. No Karma, no biting my tongue.

    First Game: Our buddy d/ced on skype. Our buddies friend left the game after that. He's the level 2 vayne. We 3v5'd for a good 5 minutes before giving up, they were pushing in groups of 3's moving from lane to lane, clearly taking advantage of our numbers disadvantage. Our buddy did come back eventually, but it was too late to salvage the game. We were having what fun we could in skype while playing 'tag' with the other team, trying to salvage what bit of fun we could in a game where we lost by an incredibly large margine. The only one not participating in our little mini game was Shyvannah, who was just walking around in the jungle, talking to us in skype casually, learning the clear time for a new champion to the player. All 5 enemies reported us for giving up in a 3v5

    Second Game: First time Jax. First pick picked him to trade with the adc, then the adc told him he forgot he doesn't have jax on that account, so I said I'd three way trade and jax top. in between me and them some dude picked rumble without saying anything. I don't know how to jungle well, and to jungle with a first time champion, instead of top, a position I'm used to would have been suicide. So he picks rumble, they ask me to jungle with jax, I said I can't, they get all pissy, I go jax bottom to compensate for being screwed over and try to salvage a win. Last pick went jungle Kong.

    Third game, I said I refused to support. All there is to it. I was fourth pick, I chose Jarvan top, fifth chose Irelia top. We both locked in, everyone blamed me. I was the only person who didn't do poorly that entire game. I didn't insult anyone specifically, all I said was I had done nothing reportable. At the start of champion select I informed my team that I was not supporting, and I held true to that. Because bottom pick picked irelia first doesn't mean I'm going to go back on that because johnny spam finger was ready when the timer rolled around.

    tl;dr: I tried, in 2/3 games. The first game was a 3v5, and hopeless. My team was in skype, and we were having what fun we could until we could 20 minute surrender. The second game I was forced into a champion I had never played, and I refused to get forced into a roll I'm not good at. The third game, I communicated that I was top, and someone thought if they insta-locked I would support instead. I was the only person on my team that didn't feed. I was never the first to harass, and when I did retaliate it was never anything overly harsh. Read the comments that I'm responding to in the third game. They are the ones that should be getting warnings.

    I understand that the second game I fed. And it was in ranked. But I didn't do it intentionally.

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I've done nothing against the code to deserve being stripped of my honor.
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    "follow the meta or be banned"

    love the atmosphere here. it leaves nothing up for creativity.
    I don't know who you're quoting there. I went ahead and searched for it in other posts in this thread and did not find it.

    But here is a quote from the first section of the summoner's code:
    "Being a good team player begins at champion select. Be open minded when considering the needs of your team."

    Be open minded when considering the needs of your team. "I will not ____" is closed minded.