Black Cleaver passive needs a hotfix

  • Stacking it is extremely strong and coupled with LW completely evaporates any armor.

    As an Olaf who got 300+ armor, enemy Lee sin (manwolfaxeboss) had 3 cleavers, and LW. He took me apart in a few seconds.
  • Ya, that was me. Black Cleavers aside, I was pretty fed that game though.

    I'm going to hold judgement on BC for the time being as the patch was just released. But rest assured that the live team is keeping a close eye on all the changes. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

    Do you think everything on it should be unique? Only the stack application (ie 1 at a time)?
    If everything is unique, will stats stack with a Brutalizer or Youmuu's?

    Let us know what you think.
  • I was in that game too, and honestly with the amount of fed bruisers we had, just get a Thornmail and work on HP. Part of the problem with all bruiser enemy comps is, if your team is uncoordinated, you'll get bum-rushed, try to run, and then get run down (which is what happened).

    Don't get me wrong, BC is pretty darn amazing. But people will learn how to play against it.