NiksBrotha 2.3k+ Support Stream!

  • Hi, I am NiksBrotha. Usually calling me Nik works. I play league and usually support because supporting is too hipster. I will usually be streaming ranked games/normals and doing fan games/arams ^_^ I will also be explaining my thought process and such. PS I listen to music that's non-mainstream or something that lightens up my mood. :< PLEASE BEAR WITH ME ON THE QUALITY, I GIVE FREE COOKIES.

    Also feel free to ask me anything in chat and I will respond. I have a really bad memory and sometimes I derp but I will try my best ^_^ (ONLINE) CURRENTLY CHILLING AND SCRIMS/RANKED 5s AFTERWARDS. PLS LIEK DIS IF U CRY EVERYTIEM.
  • Duo queued bottom lane with niks for 5-10 games before i started at riot (I was support, he was ADC) and i swear i learned more about support that week than in my entire rise to 2k. Nice dude, sick plays, and a lot of knowledge that i think helped me get into no scope zenithblading and dominating with fuzzy boots.

    Definitely check his stream out.