@Xypherous - a couple short questions

  • What do you think on the current state of Deathfire Grasp?
    The stats are pretty strong, but I personally think the passive is over the top, and the cost is very low.

    What do you think regarding Gunblade stacking?
    I've heard is intended, but i thought one of the big thing being considered is to prevent lifesteal/spellvamp over stacking in season3? With enough Gunblade, champs like Akali can dash in at 50% hp and come out a fight with full hp

    Twin Shadow's 120sec cooldown?
    I think this cooldown is a bit too long personally? The item is great, but I really find 120 cooldown hard to make it work in many situations (even with 15% CDR from tree). I would love to see it at 90sec, or have 1 shadow but 60sec cooldown.

    Any near future plan of directly adjusting and buffing some defense item?
    Defence Mastery tree has lost its CDR mastery, and defence item in general are more expensive and lacking. So I was just wondering is there any plans. Don't worry if you don't want to talk about details, just something brief will be great.
  • 1. It might be poorly tuned at the moment but I'm generally happy with the gameplay flow - it gives burst casters a large amount of burst damage - but it doesn't enable sustained casters to have much more burst than before with high AP scaling.

    It might be overtuned stat-wise but the gameplay pattern seems to be decent. It can also function as a niche-pick for supports or AP tanks - as none of it cares about *your* stats.

    2. If Gunblade stacking is a problem - it's an easy fix to address, just make it unique again or nerf the Spell Vamp on the item itself. A lot of the theme of Season 3 was basically loosening some restrictions on the game to see what would and will be abusive and have time to make the right changes to address, rather than changes we needed to do *now* to preserve competitive play.

    I'm aware that single target spell-vamp is actually problematic - but I've been thinking that's more the spell vamp coefficients and the huge disparity between single target and multi-target spell vamp. When things settle down a bit more, it might be time to tackle spell vamp again. (For example, nerf all spell vamp values by 33%, but change the AoE coefficient to 50% from 33% - effectively nerfing single target spell vamp abusers.)

    3. Active is extremely powerful. It's basically doubles a panic button for being out of position or not knowing what the correct positioning is.

    4. If something is too weak or doesn't work entirely, of course we'll adjust - but on the whole, the direction of the various changes looks okay - if not entirely well tuned yet. Health makes people really powerful - rushing resistances doesn't turn you immune to damage mid-game, etc. The numbers are off - but the direction looks good.