URGENT!! Invisible HUD??

  • Okay so today I updated league and tried playing a game, well it was rather difficult .. almost everything was invisible, player kills, shop UI graphics and icons were invisible I could only see some text and it was all clumped up. Getting to the video settings through ESC option is invisible as well, and every menu via ESC option. What is the cause of this issue? Might I need to just reinstall LoL and try a fresh install? Well I already did that to ... and its still causing the same problem, all my drivers are up to date so im stumped please help anyone!!
    Computer Specs

    Windows XP SP3
    RAM : 1.5 Gig
    CPU : AMD Athlon XP 3200+
    Vid : ATI Radeon 9600 XT 128mb DDR2

    Running Microsoft .NET 3.5 and DirectX9.0

    Thank you for future responses and feedback in regards to solving this case
  • We're investigating the missing graphics you're seeing in the item shop, can you post a dxdiag (google should have instructions on how to generate it).

    As for perbUI, obviously we don't officially support it. I wouldn't be surprised if there are issues given the scale of changes we made to the UI. See if turning it off helps, or were you saying that after the new HUD was released to installed perbUI to see if it would resolve your problem?
  • Thanks for the dxdiag, the engineers are investigating a fix for this. It's related to the Athlon processor not supporting SSE2, we're looking at a solution that will fall back to normal instructions where we use SSE2 or some other graphics mumbo-jumbo they told me.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't look like it will make it into the next patch. We're currently assembling a machine from e-bay parts to reproduce this issue and check potential fixes.
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    I am having the issue happen on and off. If you want to try out a few custom games to see if my (temporary) fix works-- so you can at least play a few games-- go for it.

    Anyway. If you start a game and can't see half the stuff, just alt tab out, come back in, and you should be able to see everything!

    Has worked every time I've started a game with invisible graphics/hud.
    This is a separate issue that is related to alt-tabbing out of the game at a critical loading point. I think you can also resolve it by not alt-tabbing out during the loading process until you're mostly loaded.

    OP's issue is related to the item shop and other pop-up menus, which is a thornier compatibility issue without a good workaround. It's a high priority for us to fix though!