Annie Bug: Can not use Tibbers or even put points into him. Tooltip also missing.

  • This only happened once in a game I just played but it was very annoying. I started the game and realized that the icon for Tibbers was blank. When I hovered over it no tooltip showed up either. I figured oh well and just went to mid but then at level six it was all still missing and I couldn't put points into my ultimate. I left the game client twice and logged back in and both times it was still the same. I could use my Q, W, and E just fine but when I pushed R it just said "You have not yet learned this spell". Same if I clicked the button. And when hovering over it it just displayed a blank box where the tooltip was supposed to be.

    I logged into a custom game afterward with Annie and did not have the problem again, I just wanted to let someone know and see if maybe anyone else had experienced this bug. Playing Annie without Tibbers is pretty miserable.

    I was also going to attach some screenshots but I'm not sure I took them properly. I tried to use "print screen" button but I can't find where they were saved to if it did take any. As with most games it just displays a blank screen when you try to paste into Paint.
  • to clarify: whenever someone experiences this bug (with any champion) will you know from the moment the game starts? that is, you load into the game with the bug—it isn't caused by a specific series of events that occur during the game.

    just want to know if i can quit out and retry if i load into a game and all of my ability icons when trying to reproduce this.
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    Thanks to the backlog posted in the two posts on page 1 by tungsten89, I noticed that Viktor appeared in nearly all the games that had screenshots posted. The ones where he didn't, I couldn't see all of the enemy team.

    Maybe there's something to this theory?

    Links to the other threads:

    Sidenote: Thanks tungsten for consolidating these threads.
    It does in fact seem to be related to Viktor. Thanks for posting this theory.