Racist remarks are pardonable?

  • Really riot, time to check on your system...
  • For what it's worth- I would have 'Punished' that case in a heartbeat. Tribunal is honestly your opinions, though. It's community driven. The best way to help with this is not to post:

    "Really riot? Time to check your system..."

    I mean- I get where you're coming from- but it's infinitely more effective to just hop on the Tribunal and deal out some justice.

    Also, historically, people who do this in one game will (tragically) do it again. I can't count how many times I've had a frustrated reaction similar to yours, Aniyuna, then I ping Player Support and find out:

    "Oh yeah- this guy's already been sent to Tribunal since this was made... he's already banned."
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    Originally Posted by Jack Gates View Post
    "The system is broken and it's your fault because we designed it to be your fault."

    Nice one, Riot.
    I feel just the slightest bit misquoted. I'm not even sure how many words you accidentally had overlap...

    But let's make the assumption that you can follow up the rest of this conversation in a productive tone, because I think your point has merit.

    I (as someone who does not work on the player behavior team) am very interested in hearing your scale-able ideas that you think would better replace tribunal. I'm being sincere, because I think the Tribunal is pretty incredible- and have thought that since before I started working here. Its (obviously) not without its short-comings, which is apparent by the existence this thread- but by and large it has successfully eliminated an ENORMOUS amount of our toxic players.

    Does it get everyone on the first pass? No. And this sucks. I agree.

    Are we done? Not by a long shot- so, please, what would you suggest?

    I give you my word that if it sounds plausible to me that I'll personally pitch it to the PB dudes. (Though, they're each much smarter than me, so it might still end up just being a bad idea.)

    I just feel like you're taking an outlier and deciding to toss out the entire system- when it's just that- an outlier. And you're doing it in a rather juvenile tone that seems more intent on 'scoring points' than fixing problems... So, in earnest, what does your scale-able system look like?