@IronStylus regarding Steel Legion Champs

  • I read that the Steel Legion theme on Lux will be brought over to some of the other champs. Are you able to share (or hint) who might be on that list? Or maybe give us some feedback as to the "lore" of sorts behind it? I'm sorry if this has been mentioned already, but a google search only showed "boohoo Steel Legion Lux is horrible" etc... I'm a pretty big fan of the Mecha theme and was just curious where this theme was going. Thanks for your time!
  • So, there is some context regarding "Steel Legion" but that's something I'm talking to some folks internally about, I'd rather not comment, mess with any expectations, or give an answer I can't deliver upon without getting my own thoughts on the subject in order. Work is pretty heavy for me right now so I might not be able to give proper context for a bit. Stick with me though.
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    Why was he downvoted? If you've been following forums and stuff, he's said so many times he's got a lot on his plate- this doesn't mean he "won't" share info- it just means not now. And considering they have no obligation to tell us- i think thats even a partial win on our part.
    You're name is apparently extremely appropriate, I could not help but be comforted =)