LoL Style Silencer Ability

  • BIG EDIT: I don't mean that we should make a specifically Anti-Mage (straight from DOTA) champion. I just mean this particular mechanic/ability and how it functions to work against abilities.

    Just had an idea of a spell I would love to see someday:

    A debuff you place on an enemy that causes their next ability in 1.5 or 2 seconds to silence them for 2 seconds and damage them. It cancels the ability they tried to cast, without activating its cooldown.

    This would be like a more offensive version of nocturne's shield, and is basically a 2 second silence that lets them think they can still cast if they're not paying attention to their debuffs/animations, and if they do, it becomes a maximum 4 second silence.

    This would work very well for counter-initiation: for example, amumu bandage tosses onto your team, and you use the ability on him before he can catch your whole team in his ult, it would give your team at least a couple seconds to try to get away, or stack more disables on him.

    Or, against casters like Ahri or Leblanc, you could force them to freeze their combo for a couple seconds, giving you a chance to respond or escape.

    What do you all think? Is this a mechanic you think would add to the game?

    EDIT: It sounds like this has come up before, and there would be a burden of knowledge in identifying the debuff. In that case, would it be better to make it more like nocturnes shield, in that it could silence and damage the next person to cast a single target spell on them?
  • I think the big question to ask here is whether this provides superior gameplay to a typical silence effect.

    In its best-case use, you'd have a very similar effect to silence. In its worst case, you have a player who thinks his game bugged and his spells didn't fire.

    EDIT: Went ahead and edited thread title from Anti-Mage to Silencer for clarity.
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    Originally Posted by Chislayer Osiris View Post
    If you can make it obvious to avoid the problem you're bringing up, it's a silence that adds counter play.

    As of right now, Silence is only fun for the person using it. The person that's silenced just ends up sitting there and running for a second.
    But with this delayed threat of silence, the affected player gets to choose between more options.
    Maybe have the silence-threat not cancel the first ability they use. That way the affected player gets to choose between using their next ability at the cost of being damaged and silenced OR waiting a second for it to countdown so they can spam their abilities and keep their HP.
    Your implementation would work. The OP's wouldn't for the reasons I mentioned previously.