Nami Vid going kinda viral

  • So I always have login music off since I listen to so much music. When nami got announced I gave it a listen and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much that after one more listen I had to play it on piano. This is my 2nd attempt at this song. LMK what you think. I can do more. I'm too fail to embed the video.

    Also here is a link to the original for reference.

    Also another summoner saw mine and decided to put one up also and its super pretty.
    Fixed the link
  • I had this on my speakers in the office last night while waiting out a deploy. Thanks for the effort put into this- a small crowd gathered and we all enjoyed it.
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    I'm still shocked at how nice the LoL community is. Coming from an FGC background, this is impressive. Thanks everyone for the kind words, and even more for those of you who left a comment on the youtube channel. I feel like I HAVE to do another. Or at least put a cd quality mp3 out of the song.
    Make it happen.