LeBlanc's ult

  • Hello

    I already reported the problem with LeBlanc's Ult, and noticed that the bug is still here after several months, and it's very annoying to waste her ult this way.

    I already noticed that when I Q someone which is too far, I walk to him, and if I use W to dash toward him, LeBlanc keep in mind Q to launch it once she is in range, even after using W.
    The problem is it's the same thing with R. Sometime, I use quickly Q then R, but it happens that the enemy starts to run away and then isn't in range for R. So I dash toward him with W... But of course, he remembers that I asked to use R, and since R became distortion with W... then LeBlanc uses it after Dashing once.
    Sometime, she just come back in safe, and sometime, she dash twice forward, and then put me in a bad position.

    Thank you.

    In case my explanations aren't clear, I made a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrK_l3432oY
  • Thanks Bendrake- I've let the appropriate people know.
  • Just as an update, we checked back 1-2 patches and saw the glitch you described. After checking on the patch going out tonight, we were unable to reproduce it. If you are still able to reproduce this after this patch let us know.