Xerath's spells when he dies

  • Hello, i've found a bug on Xerath.
    When he cast a spell and then he dies, his spell will not do anything. Example :
    - I launch a game in any map
    - I'm laning against any champion (here we take Anivia)
    - I'm attacking an Anivia, we have both 50 HP
    - I'm casting Xerath's ult
    - Anivia cast her E on me
    - I used my R, but Anivia's E killed me before my R did damages
    - The animation of my R appears, but there's no damages

    If it isn't a bug, please, explain why Xerath R can't proc when he dies, because a lot of other mages can with normal spells, and here, this is an ult.
  • Xerath's ult not persisting through death is the intended behavior. I would agree that it would be nice for it to persist through death, but I'm not the person who makes that call.