Sometimes cannot used Zed's "Q"

  • I have only had this happen twice to me in AI games, as i have only played Zed in AI games to test him out, but sometimes after a team fight, Zed's "Q" becomes completely unusable afterwards. If i click the skill, the skill arrow shows up and then when i tried to cast it again, the arrow disappears and Zed just stands there like nothing happened. The skill does not regain its usability fro the rest of the game, tried tp home, selling items, buying items, dying etc but it just becomes unusable and i find that rather strange.
  • I'll see about the Spell Shield hypothesis, but any other details/repro steps you have would be awesome.

    DarkZerosabre, do you know if Sivir or any other Spell-Shields (Banshee's Veil, maybe?) were in your AI matches?