Runes not working in game.

  • Hello,

    So I noticed that my runes aren't working in game, I suspect this has been the case since the patch. I have them purchased, I have them placed, I have them saved. In the game on the character information page it shows what the stats 'should' be, but it isn't actually applied.

    For example, I have runes to have some extra mana regen (5.3 mp/5 in total), but when it comes to my actual regeneration I only wind up with 1.x mp/5. Even when I applied more mana regen runes (assuming there was a nerf in the last patch) it did not help, they just aren't being applied. I've noticed certain runes on my pages are surrounded by a blue glow on the outside, whereas the ones which aren't working do not have this glow.

    The ones without the glow are my armor and magic penetration runes, my mp/5 runes, and my critical hit quintessences.

    Do I have to rebuy runes for the new season? Or is this a bug where they should all just be working?

    I'm at a loss with how to fix it since restarting the program simply does not help, nor does resetting the page and replacing the runes.

    Please help, and if you experience this problem as well please post to bump the thread.

    Thank you for your time.
  • To clarify: You do not need to re-purchase runes for the new season.

    1. Are you positive that you're using the correct rune page?
    2. Could you take a screen shot in game of your character stats and post it in the thread? Press the C button when in game will bring that up.
  • ahh yes, the mana bar is in "per second" the character page is "per 5 seconds". Does this explain the discrepancy you're seeing?
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    I never understood why you use such a counter intuitive way to show the regen, I mean, why one is shown in second and the other in each 5 seconds? why not all on seconds or in 5 seconds? this is something one get use to but is really confusing for new players.
    We always used the per 5. The per 1 second was added, mostly by request of players, when we placed it on the mana/health bars.