Syndra in Ranked

  • I have been playing Syndra lately and am thoroughly enjoying her play style. With the new item Muramana (upgrade from Manamune) she has RIDICULOUS burst from her ulti. I am able to land my stun and slow quite effectively, so I feel that she has viability for a team in the current meta.

    Unfortunately, whenever I try to pick her in ranked games, people end up yelling in all caps (or other such methods) and tell me not to play her. I end up having to wait for 6 ques to finally play. I am always trying to be a team player and I never want to piss people off.....but if I can play a champion well, do you guys feel that it's ok to play her? Or, do you think it's in the best interest of the team to build a positive morale and play a more "well known" mid?

    I always tend to trust people with their picks (no matter what ridiculous picks they choose). I would rather someone play a champ they are best at, as opposed to them playing a "meta" champ they haven't played much.

    tl:dr .....What is your take on Syndra? If people are mad that I pick her, should I adjust my pick? And....thanks for reading this lol
  • Syndra is my girl! I almost play her exclusively in Ranked. I'd say play who you enjoy(helps out the team comp of course).