The Worst Tribunal Decision Ever! Disgraceful.


    The fact that i can be banned for 2 weeks over this bull**** is just another reason why tribunal is broken beyond repair.

    I was in an ARAM and i know they were friends since they were joking together pre game.

    I didn't say or do anything... I just played normally but it was my first time playing naut and nautilus isn't exactly easy to get kills with.

    I never said i was going to feed nor did i afk. They were flat out lying...They must have messaged each other or something.

    I get banned for 2 weeks over nothing!

    My whole team has 10 CS!!!!

    My 0 CS does not look out of place considering i am a tank nautilus getting killed before getting CS
  • Why lie to the good people of General Discussion?

    I'm actually kind of curious. Why even bother trying to claim your innocence in this case when you know pretty well what kind of actions you take in your game?

    I'm curious. Because in the last 30 days you've managed to get reported in 43% of the games you've played.

    And when I look at the reports you're getting they all say make a similar statement:

    --this guy raged in champ select and told us he was going to feed/troll--

    Now, one report like that? Two? Sure, I can give you the benefit of the doubt.

    But reports from more than 30 unique games listing similar behavior?

    Come on bro.

    You can do better.