I'm about to give up doing Tribunal...

  • How is this pardonable?

    Calling people autistic, as well as flat out raging in game 2? Do people read these cases at all?

  • We keep a close eye on cases like this, so we can see why they would be frustrating.

    There's a pretty simple explanation for what's going on here though, and hopefully after I share it with you then you'll be a little less discouraged.

    Think of it like this.

    Imagine there are 1000 tribunal voters.

    80% of those tribunal voters are pretty consistent voters.
    10% of those tribunal voters are more strict than usual.
    10% of those tribunal voters are more lenient than usual.

    Usually, what happens is that Tribunal Case is created, and you get a mix of all of these voters and it creates a favorable outcome.

    However, given that the voters chosen for a case are random, in rare instances you will have cases where most of the voters are more lenient and forgiving.

    This can lead to situations like this where we may see a case pardoned where the actual behavior can be questionable.

    But don't fret just yet.

    Players who are consistently toxic will end up in the Tribunal again, in rather short order too. So, while they've been given a brief respite and a chance to show they're not toxic; ultimately if they never end up changing their toxic behavior, then they will keep getting sent to the Tribunal until they're judged guilty.