@Riot Rhojin, How about some support for the same problem that plagued you?

  • http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...8#post25556908

    Yesterday I was in queue to start a ranked match, when I was disconnected from pvp.net.

    I tried reconnecting quite a few times and that wasn't working so I decided to relaunch the client. Big mistake. For about a day now, I haven't been able to login. I get connection error, every single time. I have tried every fix listed in that thread up to page 60, which is where I stumbled upon your post.

    I have done all of the internet explorer fixes, including the Microsoft fixit file. I have updated everything on my computer(including windows, adobe air, drivers, you name it). I don't have any anti virus's or anti malware. I have completely disabled Windows Firewall. I have done everything in every post about "connection error" I can find. Reinstalled fully(twice!) with the help of the official article to make sure no traces were left behind. Ran CC cleaner after each install. The only thing that I have found that I haven't done is reformat my computer.

    Noteworthy things: I can connect to EUW fine. I can connect to any of the other servers just fine. I can not connect to NA with any account. Something else that is weird, my lol launcher won't save the settings I put into it like remember account name, or disable menu animations and sound, not sure if that is any help but I figure its worth mentioning.
  • I just sent a player support ticket to you through email. I thought it would be the best way to communicate while I work with you to get you back onto the Fields of Justice ASAP .