Zyra snare

  • wtf were u thinking riot?? she's absolutely horrible now. The animation on her snare already took forever, now you reduce the missile speed...she was strong as a support, true. however, her ap mid lacked. Lowering the missile speed, the one strong point of zyra and crucial to her whole kit makes her harder as support and even harder as an ap mid.

    I propose reverting the changes to her and lowering the base damage on her skills but increasing the ratio on them.
  • Zyra's cast frame on her E is substantially shorter than the average spell in our game (0.16 seconds v 0.25 seconds).

    I play a lot of Zyra. She still feels strong to me, as both mid and support (though obviously less so). You have to either plan your Es a little better, mindgame your opponent, or follow them with your cursor as they dodge and "migrate" your seeds a little toward that direction in order to land the slow. Overall, this was a change in the direction of making the spell have more gameplay.