Wriggle's Lantern Suggestion

  • I really like this item conceptually as a jungler for a quick dragon or just for better staying power.

    However, in S1 and S2 it had the unique advantage of being the only way to generate a ward without buying wards. In S3 we have a sightstone which kind of takes part of wriggle's little niche away. Also, mass sightstones can really thwart a jungler's ganking paths.

    What if wriggle's generated a pink ward instead of a green ward? All of a sudden the jungler gains some control back over ganking options and dewarding their own woods. The cost could be increased by a few hundred to compensate for this new power.

    tl;dr - wriggle's generates a pink ward instead of green ward now and the item cost is increased by a bit.

    edit for clarity: I understand the current wriggle's itself is a strong, balanced item compared to others. I am NOT suggesting a straight buff to it. My reasoning is more like this:

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    Originally Posted by Jetstream417 View Post
    Eh, the green ward is fine.

    Sightstone gives health and wards, whereas Wriggle's gives Armor, AD, Lifesteal and Creep DMG.

    I wouldn't contest it if they decided to give it a pink ward, seeing as I main jungle and would love to be more powerful, but I think balance-wise the green ward is fine.
    Balance-wise I can't really complain about the item's current status.

    However, for all of s1 and s2 it was the only way to generate a ward without buying a ward. Now that you have other items whose sole purpose is to generate wards and give some health, wriggles kind of loses it's "clutch vision" niche.

    I do not suggest a straight buff to the current wriggle's but an adjustment of some kind whether it be item cost, ward duration, ward cooldown that would allow a pink ward. Pink wards tend to add more dynamic gameplay in general because they deny vision in an area for a short period of time. It isn't out of control like an oracles which is full map denial. Pink wards only deny one particular spot of the map.

    So whether it's an upgrade path for wriggles, a direct cost increase for wriggles, tweaking the ward duration/cooldown, I think the item can be "more balanced" if that makes any sense at all. It allows for some mid/late game counterplay to overwarding through the sightstone without an oracle's investment as well as early game counterplay from the jungler's perspective when a lane is heavily warded.
  • I think it's a pretty neat idea conceptually.

    As far as balance goes though, it's quite a scary change since Wriggle's in its current state is already a solid item. This would be a significant buff for the champions already buying the item (Nocturne, Lee Sin, etc.) and it might force Wriggle's to be bought on the majority of other junglers as well.

    I'll toss it around to the team and see what they think.