What was the best login screen music?

  • My vote goes for either Diana or Draven. Loved both of those songs.
  • Diana. Very chilling effect and great voice.

    Followed by Nami's. I overall like "softer" sounding music.
  • Keeping tabs on this thread - I was originally going to embed all our logins, but that was taking forever to load. So, here are Diana's and Draven's. I'll add more depending on your responses



    Don't forget that you can listen to most of our music on our soundcloud page, though we are admittedly missing some pieces right now.
  • I just heard Vi's, and wanna vote for Vi's (though man, Draven's and Diana's are really strong).
  • Vi's.

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  • Vi.
  • definitely vi.

    you guys will see. ;P
  • A lot of Lulu and Nami, so here you go:


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