Crevox's Bug List

  • I've reported these bugs in too many threads now, and I have no choice but to make a single, unified thread. I want to see League of Legends become a better game, where we don't have to worry about bugs.

    Anyways, if you post bugs here, I'll try to confirm them and add them to the list. Note that I can't confirm everything; sometimes random things just happen or mistakes are made. I'm trying to ensure this post remains bugs that exist 100%; they really do exist, and it's not even in question.

    I would also like to remind you that I'm the same person that made the massive bug compilation post in the past:

    I made a post in the general discussion forum struggling to draw Riot to these issues as well, twice:

    As I remember or find more, I'll post them, but this is a pretty good, accurate list right now. I was originally going to post this in general discussion, but if I have no luck here, then that's where I'll be going next.

    • Champion pathing around minions is extremely poor at times, causing deaths. This video is just me right clicking an enemy minion to attack it; it usually happens on attack or ability orders, and happens often when chasing. VIDEO
    • Champions randomly stop moving when using a move command on the minimap. This usually happens when moving from base to a lane; you'll notice them just stop around the inhibitor tower.
    • Champions that initiate a recall command near the same time as a move command sometimes bug out, and they sit in the recall animation with no particle effects. Hitting the recall button does nothing, and when the cast finishes, the animation finishes and they do not go anywhere. You are forced to recall again. I have solid video confirmation of this, but I haven't uploaded it yet.
    • Many champion skill shots are completely invisible when used from the brush (Mundo's axe throw, Nidalee spear throw). Yes, I know you said you fixed this, but it has happened to me since then.
    • Occasionally upon starting the game under dual monitor setups, the game will be stretched across the bottom of your screen with half of the game on each screen, and the bottom half of the game off of the screen. This requires a video mode change to fix (alt-enter, full screen, etc). I can confirm this happening under borderless windowed mode only (it may happen under others, but this is when it happens to me).

    Game UI
    • Keybinds have never shown up for me on champion abilities.
    • The minimap randomly shows up at default, small size upon loading into a game.
    • If you have 4/5 people agree to a surrender, the surrender window disappears and it moves to view the nexus exploding. If the 5th person surrenders at this point, the window reappears, with the 5th bar in the gauge full and all of the others empty (with it stating you are voting for another surrender).
    • Items in the shop randomly light up showing they are purchasable, even though you don't have enough money. They also sometimes calculate prices as if you had part of the recipe, when you don't. In addition, they sometimes are grayed out even though you have the money to purchase it.
    • There are often discrepancies with consumable counts. When viewing others' inventories, often it will display an incorrect number.
    • The stack count on many buffs (positive and negative) can randomly disappear until they are updated. A common, example offender is Cho'gath's feast counter. Air Client
    • If you leave a spectator match near the end of it, everything is fine. However, if you play another game, after the game is over, the end game lobby that comes up is the one for the spectator match that you quit watching long before your match.
    • If someone dodges in champion select, sometimes the currently selected (or hovered over) champion's portrait stays on the right side of your screen, stuck there even out of the champion lobby.
    NEW If you are attempting to change your summoner spells or masteries right before a match starts, sometimes the mastery/summoner spell window will pop up after the match has finished, at the results screen.

    • Elise's spiderling animations do not always function properly when running. Often they will run, stop, run, stop... it's not a fluid animation. I've only seen this happen to the Death Blossom skin.

    • If Fiddle gets interrupted near the start of his drain (example, Garen's silence) he will sit in his drain animation with no beam or damage; it just looks like he's using it but he's actually not. The animation shouldn't play.

    Master Yi
    • Alpha Strike has a LOT of weird interactions with other champion abilities. If he tries to Alpha Strike a target that becomes untargetable mid-cast, for example, weird things can happen, like him being completely gone from match for the duration of the ability (Elise rappel for example) and end up in random places.

    Rengar's Q cooldown will double if you have 4/5 ferocity, use Q, then instantly use ferocity Q when leaping out of a bush. (personally untested, reported from a platinum player)

    Syndra's W randomly goes at extremely fast speeds for no reason. The speed greatly varies (may be due to two Syndras). VIDEO
    Syndra's balls randomly disappear for no reason. Sometimes it's a terrain glitch, other times I really don't even know. VIDEO
    Syndra's stun with her E still randomly doesn't work, mostly when the enemy is very close to her, but other times as well.
    Syndra's W to grab the nearest ball (no target) is still highly unreliable. Sometimes this is caused by the fact that hitting W on a far away spot makes her run over there instead of grabbing the nearest ball, other times it just doesn't work at all and requires many button presses. Confirmed by Meddler, no sign of any fix yet.
    Syndra's E occasionally goes in the wrong direction (smartcast enabled).
    • While functioning as intended, Syndra's ultimate combined with Muramana causes devastating amounts of damage. Already confirmed by Riot to not be an intentional design, but "looking closely at it."
    NEW Sometimes when using Syndra's W, the initial cast triggers the cooldown and does not transition over to the "throw" portion of the ability, resulting in you being unable to throw the ball/unit you are currently carrying.

    • Zed's ultimate sometimes literally just breaks. I have no idea what caused this, but it definitely wasn't lag (the same thing happens every time I play it through replay, and in game, it looked even weirder). VIDEO
    • Zed's W sometimes goes in a random direction (same bug as Syndra, smartcast enabled).
    • Zed's ultimate sometimes lands you in odd places when trying to warp you next to the enemy champion. I've had it put me on the wrong side of a wall, leaving the enemy champion completely safe.
    • Zed's AD likes to fluctuate, especially when fighting enemies. I saw it bouncing between 408 and 409 (back and forth), and then randomly jump up to 412, etc.
    NEW If Zed dies while starting to perform his ultimate, strange things can happen. When I had Guardian Angel, the Guardian Angel particle appeared in one spot and my body was in another; it caused me to be confused as to where I would resurrect.

  • Thanks for this post. These have been noted.