@Riot. Who is in control of champion eye color?

  • So I've noticed inconsistencies with 2 champs that I can point out immediately, but I'm sure there are more.

    LeBlanc has, in the past, always had blue eyes. (EDIT: Across all skins) Her new splash has brown eyes.

    Miss Fortune has.... green eyes? I seriously can't tell, and every skin seems to have different eye color, blue, grey, brown..... Is she meant to have hazel eyes?

    I know they are fictional characters and all but come on. You can do better.
    (Also, maybe consider adding stats to their lore. We know who is Noxian, Demacian, and Ionaian, but.... how old are they?)
  • Do you think that eye color(and/or hair color) must be consistent across all of a champion's skins? I'm not so sure myself.

    I can't speak to the splash not matching the model very much. I suspect that its just art evolving and in some cases the splash might be more accurate to how we view a certain champion or skin. The disconnect is a problem, though.
  • this is something i noticed back with the visual update for ashe—skins don't always have the same eye color as the base, and sometimes models don't have the same eye color as the splash. i'm fairly certain that the difference between model and splash is an oversight in every instance. the difference between base and skins is sometimes very deliberate (as with bittersweet lulu's complete heterochromia) and other times just because there isn't an 'established' eye color for most of our champions (so the artist is free to pick whichever color they feel works best).

    a couple of examples:
    -ahri has a specific eye color. i imagine her skins in the future would keep that eye color unless a change was needed for the skin.
    -ashe doesn't have a specific eye color. while her base, woad, and queen skins have blue eyes, her other three skins have green eyes. her skins in the future could have blue eyes, green eyes, or anything else really.

    personally i'd really appreciate having defined eye colors for every champion, in addition to some other trivial information in the same vein. i like knowing that stuff. i like knowing random stuff about characters like eye color, blood type, height, birthday, and whether or not they're left-handed or right-handed, but most trivial information isn't codified and established. i'm curious to know what art and creative think about the matter, now that i think about it. i don't think it comes up very often.
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    funny story: my shift key actually stopped working properly on my keyboard at home. i have to press really hard for it to register, which is annoying because instead of typing gg~ after a game, it ends up being gg` which is close enough to not bother correcting but i know it's incorrectÂ… i need to stop being lazy and order a new one. :/
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    Nearly every champ's splash has their eyes glowing. Do you think you could change that as well?
    that's how they show affection. it just means they like you, is all.