Vi's Dance is HORRIFIC

  • I'm very excited about vi, I'm going to buy her immediately. But, her dance is the ugliest thing I've ever seen in lol. I mean, i understand the reference and I know its new and you guys just made it and it makes sense. But someday, please, change the dance.

    Roit plz

    edit- I'm not complaining about the specific dance. I'm saying that her model looks really bad to me while doing it. To the point where if i could turn it off in settings somewhere, I would do that just so I don't have to see it. I can't pinpoint why It looks so messed up, though obviously it has to do with the huge gloves.

    At least if you could, when u make the next skin for her, give it a new dance even if you charge 1350 or 1800 rp. I'll buy it immediately.

    also- im not complaining about the artist's work. you guys are all awesome. The animation is fine, and I have always enjoyed the dances in lol. I believe I just dont like the big gloves.