@GD: I'm speaking in name of the HoN community when I'm asking you...

  • What the hell did we ever do to you to deserve all this hatred?

    I browse through these forums daily, and every single HoN-related post I've ever come across was a bashing one.

    My question is: why?

    Yes, there might have been a few people who came on this forum to start a flame war by saying that HoN (and indirectly DotA as well) is a better game than LoL. However, these people ar either attention-seeking trolls or idiots, and their sayings do not in any way reflect the opinion of the HoN community.

    You should know, most people within the HoN community acknowledge that RiotGames is an overwhelmingly successful company, and that this has had a direct impact on Heroes of Newerth's decreasing popularity.

    Now, whether a game is good or not and how good it is compared to other games is entirely subjective, and up to interpretation. In the end, all it comes down to is how popular a game is compared to others. No one within the HoN community denies the fact that League of Legends is not only a lot more popular than HoN can ever dream of being, but is also perhaps THE most popular online game on the market right now.

    However, does that keep people who enjoy playing HoN from playing it? And does it give everyone the right to look down on the game just because it's less popular? Those are two questions I think many people here should ask themselves.

    Also, I have no idea which side started this senseless flame war between the two communities, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is that it needs to stop. We all are human beings. We all enjoy playing online games. We all enjoy playing this fantastic game genre called MOBA which originated from the Warcraft III mod Defense of the Ancients. And it stops there.

    People who enjoy playing League play League. People who enjoy playing HoN play HoN. People who enjoy playing both play both.

    Maybe there are things that HoN could learn from LoL, and vice versa. But comparing the two games right now would only be further igniting the flame of this baseless conflict.

    I'm calling you out, people of the GD. Can we stop this war now? The HoN community respects you, don't listen to the few trolls who come on this forum and probably don't even play HoN. And we will be expecting the same respect from you from now on.
  • I find this odd too; people tend to treat their preferences with a weird zealotry. LoL/HoN/DotA2 is particularly rife with this.

    Different people have different game preferences. I don't understand how that's a problem to anyone :P