Can I change PBE language to PT-BR?

  • The title says it all :/
  • Currently you can select only the languages that the EU servers provide. That been said, we don't always put the localization of the new stuff on pbe, at least not we we first ship new stuff.

    I don't know if we are putting portugese on PBE soon :/
  • It is, but you cannot select portuguese in the EUW server. It's only available in the Brazilian one and for now PBE has the languages that NA, EUW and EUNE have.
  • Renai I just checked with a colleague and you are right, we also have a couple more languages, although portuguese isn't one of them.

    We will see if we can put all the languages that exist in the server in Language menu, so that you don't have to dig through files to select them.

    I should have asked before answering this thread. Sorry for the wrong info earlier.