Who are the best champions?

  • Hey guys, I wanted to get a general idea of what you guys think are the best champions on Twisted Treeline, currently.

    If possible, I'd like to get an explanation of why they're strong, not just that they're overpowered. For example, don't just say Teemo is too strong--say "Teemo is strong because he has really good map control with Noxious Trap. Blackfire Torch lets him burn 25% of your health without him even being close to you."

    I'd like to figure out a good way to deal with these outliers, so let's come up with a good, comprehensive list first
  • Lightbringer is getting some changes to help counter Teemo (his Shrooms are detected when you're in a short distance). Hextech Sweeper won't have these changes yet, but they'll probably be ported over as well.