Riot, with all due respect Tribunal is garbage, give me BOOST back plz

  • Riot employees, I'll be short not to waste each others time

    I opened an account recently and dropped 50$, got a few skins and a 30 day boost but got banned for almost two weeks cuz you are putting a gamer's fate into total strangers hands who generally lack any common sense and do NOT analyze the whole story. They just random click 'punish' to see how many % they can guess.

    That is extremely unfair! Either hire people to do it (at least review paying members cases), write a script or only allow people with LOTS of honor to make the calls.

    Here are some examples:
    That's BS, I only did not go down to fight when nexus was getting destroyed because 1v3 would just result in more feeding, and those two did enough of that
    Look at TF's and Annie's messages there and Annie's deaths. Really? And they reported me for what exactly?
    The chat history started at 15 min mark, I've tried to help them and use pings till then, but with no luck I snapped, yeah, did call team "retarded", but look at the ratio and they refused to cooperate or surrender, what would you do?
    Reported by enemy when asked to report Yi for afk... look what he wrote in chat. Really, riot?
    Last but not least, look at the chat, look at the ratio. These two were premade, so they reported me and I think Nasus misclicked on a player to report cuz I know I didn't cuss


    So yeah... that account got banned for a week + extra 3 days I think, so I made another one, dropped 100$, same story wtf... why pay? why not just keep opening new nicknames.

    The game is FREE, so are the e-mail accounts, resulting in plenty of trolls, many people don't even care about getting banned, some join just to go AFK and piss people off. Give some immunity to paying members. I don't have much free time, I work a lot (in the gaming industry as well), and if I get a day to play I want to enjoy myself not find out my account got banned.

    Again, love the game and I take team work and gaming experience seriously, but the way you treat paying members is just cruel and disrespectful

    Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

  • First to clarify, when you are banned by the Tribunal any boosts on your account are paused, and the duration will resume when you return.

    But to the core of your post: no one here at Riot likes to ban accounts.


    It's a really crummy feeling when we have to take something away from one of our fans because they've become so abusive that they are driving away other players.

    And make no mistake, that's what a really toxic player does. The amount of money that they contribute matters little if they are causing so much grief towards others that no one wants to play with them anymore.

    I really encourage you to take some time and reflect on your own actions in game. Your first instinct here was to lash out at Riot and other players.

    This isn't helping you.

    After looking into your account you have some really serious behavior issues. I've seen this behavior in games you've played since you came back from your most recent ban. If you're not able to adjust your behavior, you're just going to get banned again. And I'm pretty sure you don't want that.

    We don't want it either.

    So please, stop raging in game. Stop yelling at your team mates. Don't ever use sexual orientation slurs against other players. It's not okay.

    Treat everyone with respect. They're human beings. They deserve it, just as you do.

    And if you need to take a break from League of Legends, then by all means do it. Playing angry will not help you win games. It will just put you deeper down the hole.

    And if you're unable to follow any of this advice, then at the very least: I encourage you to stop talking in game.

    No talk = no chance abuse and rage = No ban. (Assuming you're playing the game legitimately and not purposely trolling your teammates to rustle their jimmies)