Win 999! Phreak, Nome, Lyte? Female Rioters!? ANYBODY!?

  • Can I get a red to play with!?

    My Profile wins are 999, but my after games are 995, so I AM GAME 999! Can I have my 1000th with a team of rioters? Will Phreak Play with me and teach me the secrets of the Jungle!? Will Nome teach me boot to the head? Will Any other Riot Staff Love me and hug me and call me bob?

    Play with me, my 1000th win, please? =D
  • A wild Nome appears.
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    Pathetic isn't it? Please I just need a girl to talk to me whoever it is I don't care, I'm just a loser with nothing to offer anyone in real life.
    Mad cuz cyrusofireland is stylin'?