Major, Vi "Q" + Vilemaw = Break

  • I don't know the exact circumstances but I was Vi, Lee was on my team, as was Olaf. We fought Vilemaw, and I believe my casting Q on it caused Vi to break. I could not cast Q it showed very short range cast arrow and left clicking simply cancelled the cast. Auto attack was borken too, it would not attack anything when I tired to Attack Move or use my E ability. Standing still seemed to acquire targets randomly and I could right-click directly on a creep which would attack it, but it would then not seek new targets right away. I did not try using my ultimate while I was broken.

    Luckily dying fixed it and I was able to safely dive the enemy fountain avoiding a kill for them. I have not tried to recreate this bug yet, but I'm off to a custom game with a bot to find out.

    Edit: It looks like the Q alone was not enough to trigger the bug. Maybe it had to do with getting knocked in the air and casting it? I dunno the bot was so dumb that I won too fast and I don't really feel like trying to break the game any more.
  • Office is shut down for the holidays. Am planning to investigate this and fix it ASAP once everyone gets back in.

    Cause of this bug is likely an odd interaction with certain CC's that apply themselves in weird ways. They cancel the Q channel but don't cause Vi to execute her "OnChannelCancel" event which does things like refresh her Q CD and clear her animation and spell locks.

    Bug can be split into two parts:
    1. Certain types of CC cancel Vi's Q and cause it to go on full CD (intended function is for Q's CD to be refunded. All Vi should lose is the charge.)
    2. Some specific spells that hit Vi while she charges Q will lock her out of casting spells until she dies. (this should already be fixed for things like Anivia Wall and Trundle Pillar)

    Thanks for the help guys! Will get on this as soon as everyone is back in the office.