Dear Riot : here's the community wishes for the new year

  • (EDIT : for those interested in a discussion about the skins suggested by IronStylus, here's the thread : and

    Yo guys, merry christmas and soon happy new year.

    After a long time spent on these forums, I've realized that there is an incredible amount of complaints and requests for Riot, and very often there are several threads about the same issue. So here's the very simple idea, I'll make and update this list of wishes from the community. I'll try to classify it as much as possible and underline the most important / urging matters. Go ahead, feel free to suggest any idea as I will add them when I can.

    Note : this is NOT a "QQ thread", the goal is to bring up relevant points that could be improved to keep them in mind and help in giving priorities to Rioters. I will only include points which everyone agrees on, not dubious ideas about game balance and elo hell, nor temporary bugs.

    Client :

    ● Feature : add advanced tutorial videos, see this thread :
    ● Feature : Force AFK'ers to leave champion selection rather than giving them a random champion (Courtesy of Miestr Spounk). See this old thread with 7k+ upvotes from ScarletAzure :
    ● Fix : There is a known bug where your own Elo / stats are displayed when checking someone else's profile. (to be updated once Damiya looks into it)
    ● Fix : likewise, there is a bug where other people's stats previously checked would show up when checking your own profile (courtesy of who am i again)
    ● Fix : after you obtain your first win of the day bonus, the timer in your profile still says it's "available" regardless. Fixed by restarting the client. (Courtesy of Rivini)
    ● Feature : achievements ? This is a delicate matter but I'm sure Riot already has some ideas.
    ● Feature : Possibility to change keys and other option settings from the menu. Very useful on shared PCs.
    ● Feature : Possibility to turn on other's champions voices (move, clicking a target and so on). Would make the game way more immersive, but may increase lag.
    ● Feature : Show if someone in the friend list is banned and the duration (courtesy of Nirvash Eureka7)
    ● Update : More detailed descriptions of the champions' abilities in the client (including base damage, ratios, etc) equivalent to the in-game tooltip (Courtesy of Flamingfurball)
    ● Feature : ability to appear offline (courtesy of Khimdate)
    ● Shop feature : ability to view all owned skins in the store.
    ● Update : More post-game stats. One of the most often mentioned I have seen is gold income source breakdown (Passive, Passive gp/5 items, minion kills, champion kills / assists, global objectives, and other (GP's Q + Ashe E + Avarice Blade)) (courtesy of Zemlor)
    ● Update : Improved champions stats recap in profile (courtesy of Peach Goddess, see this thread :
    ● Feature : Make the tribunal available from within the client.
    ● Feature : show latency from the client, to prevent people from starting a game when their ping is unusually high. (courtesy of Syrino)
    ● Feature : Allow players to chat during loading screen (courtesy of scatologic)
    ● Fix : Regular problems of compatibility with flash players which causes either to crash (courtesy of Cyraknoss).
    ● Feature : complete and detailled list of items available in the client. New players shouldn't need to start a custom game and scroll through the whole shop, or go to a website such as lolwiki. (courtesy of Konphujun)
    ● Feature : similar to skins, it would be convenient to have a tab in champion selection to choose wards' skins before the game (courtesy of ProdigalWolf)
    ● Fix : Most of the time, Elo / Level / Number of games aren't properly displayed in custom games rooms (courtesy of nub4saurus rex)

    Gameplay :

    ● Fix : hitboxes, many "old" abilities have hitboxes that do not match perfectly the visual effect (courtesy of ratcharmer)
    ● Update : Tristana's rocket jump is one of the most outdated skills, and is frustrating to use while similar skills work fine.
    ● Fix : Master Yi's alpha strike sometimes doesn't visibly go on CD when used. The same issue seems to happen with Nunu's iceball (courtesy of Groupon) and Leblanc's Q (courtesy of Linaeus), possibly other similar projectiles.
    ● Possible fix : I'm not entirely sure if this is intended or not, but minions' aggro has drastically changed, as they will never reset as long as they have vision on an enemy champion. This allows champions to draw a creep from one lane to another without reset.
    ● Fix : Some skillshots such as Nidalee's spear are invisible from time to time. This appears to be more common on proving grounds.
    ● Fix : The "Butcher" mastery which is supposed to deal bonus damage to minions and monsters doesn't work. (possibly fixed according to rhyno012, pending for confirmation)
    ● Fix : terrain generating skills should "work more like real walls" (Courtesy of Ferrero94) : Anivia's Wall, Trundle's Pillar, Jarvan's ultimate...
    ● Fix : Fizz's Playful/Trickster sometimes doesn't deal damage and or stops short of the distance it should be going (courtesy of Sucker4Crime). Q and E also sometimes stun the caster (courtesy of RedAngel32)
    ● Fix : Shaco's clone doesn't make full use of masteries and various on-hit items such as botrk, muramana... (courtesy of Samflash3)
    ● Update : Review on costs and cost/effect/type relation of runes, as well as rune combiner.
    ● Fix : Some champions still lose target after using skills. They stop chasing, stay still without attacking and so on. This started with Hecarim Patch and still happens.
    ● Quality of life changes for champions : Some champions that use skills to imbue next attack have a considerable delay after landing it. (Courtesy of Astral Yorae)
    ● Feature : a pause feature for ranked when someone disconnects (courtesy of Jav E Cakez)
    ● Feature : a "safe to leave" option when someone leaves the game early on (courtesy of Dactylogram), see this thread :
    ● Fix : Singed's poison trail becomes invisible whenever Singed isn't in sight. (courtesy of Ambrose Crown)
    ● Fix / QoL change : some clones still display an empty inventory, making it easy to find the real champion. Additionnally, clones don't have buffs on them when the original champion does, which defeats the purpose of using clones to deceive enemies.
    ● Fix : Kennen's W will go on Cooldown even if you activate it and don't hit any enemies (when they run out of range during animation). Most non-skillshot abilities don't do this. (courtesy of ZeroX12345)
    ● Fix : Many "cone" abilities (Annie's W, Cho'Gath's silence, Ashe's volley, etc) are able to go through walls like most skillshots/projectiles, however the ability becomes "unavailable" (cone displayed in red) depending on the angle at which the player uses it, making it hard to cast in some situations.
    ● Fix : Champions walking out of the fog of war will sometimes appear at the wrong location on the minimap (apparently on the last place they were fighting, usually a camp) for an instant, before appearing correctly. This has an influence on reactions during ganks.

    In-game Interface :

    ● Fix : several passives tooltips are less explicit than before (since Vi Patch ?) and do not display all the information.
    ● Change : Items with Charges (Sightstone & Crystalline Flask in particular) show their charge # on their item icon like stacks of potions, as opposed to on the status bar. (courtesy of BooleanCube)
    ● Change : Rammus needs an indicator on his skill icon for when his W is active - same as when his Q is active.
    ● Change : Corki needs a range indicater for when you move the cursor over his E. (the smoke particles generated are way wider than the actual range of the skill) (courtesy of Yaddar)
    ● Fix : Nidalee's abilities' tooltips only display the scaling damage in cougar form, the base damage is shown as 0. (Courtesy of FancifuHarlequin)
    ● Update : standardize abilities' description tooltips for better understanding and comparison between abilities (Courtesy of Tenjin)
    ● Customised / updated mouse cursor in game, at least its size / accuracy.
    ● Customised shop in game (recommended items). Some tools accepted by Riot, such as Enigma's item changer ( already do this, but it'd be nice to have an in-game feature that doesn't rely on another software.
    ● Fix : some in-game models seem to glitch the health/mana bars, for instance Nidalee's cougar form and Rammus classic skin (courtesy of TerminallyTRILL)
    ● Fix : "Sometimes when a game starts the mouse can only move halfway across the screen, You have to exit the game and bring it back to fix it" (courtesy of TerminallyTRILL)
    ● Fix : "Sometimes when my internet hiccups and I get the"attempting the reconnect" thing. when it comes back my summoner skills go on permanent cooldown and I can't use them for the rest of the game" (Courtesy of TerminallyTRILL)
    ● Fix : Selling an item with an active (for example GA) and then buying the same item again shows that there is no cooldown on the active even though there still is. (Courtesy of Baren the Baron)
    ● Update : As it is the case for many other items with cooldowns, add a visible cooldown (or buff/debuff) for boots of mobility to show when the bonus movespeed will become active (courtesy of Satsujinki13)
    ● Feature : Add an updated Team sidebar to the in-game interface section. Here Boourns discusses wanting to make the information available, but not necessarily by implementing the spectator mode interface. (Courtesy of Ravechaosknight)
    ● Update options : make some options commonly used (such as smartcast on/off) easier to access in game, via toggle for instance.
    ● Update : add new items (sightstone, Bulwark, etc.) to the list of items that appear in chat when first bought, like wards and aura items. (courtesy of RHIT)

    Customer Support and Security issues :

    ● It seems that some automated answers do not satisfy the customers' requests (examples to be included). The delay on answers can also be very long, which leads people to make requests and ask questions on GD instead.
    ● Add secret question(s) upon account creation to be able to get an account back, in case of a hack.
    ● Security fix for the e-mail change procedure.
    ● Fix the Tristana and Alistar giveaway on Facebook/Youtube.
    See the post of Fourward in page 40 for the 3 previous issues.

    Tribunal :

    ● Some people complained about not receiving a reform card when they are banned. I do not know if this issue was resolved or not.
    ● One of the most asked features about the Tribunal is to display the pre/post game chats, which are only available to Riot reviewers as of now.
    ● It's a well known fact that smurfs tend to ruin the experience for new players. A way to detect and judge smurfs' behavior with less leniency would be a potential solution.
    ● Accounts : link PBE accounts with main accounts to make bans universal and responsible. People have multiple PBE accounts in order to keep being jerks. Also, actually ban on PBE via tribunal, not just leaverbuster.

    Game modes :

    Twisted Treeline (Shadow Isles) : I feel like this should be a section, not sure what to put in it for now. Some people like it, some don't, the general consensus seems to be that it fixed some issues but brought up some others. My personal experience is too limited to take a shot at this. To be edited.
    ● Matchmaking : Soloqueue Ranked.

    Dominion :
    ● Fix : There's still a known bug with some graphic cards which removes or glitches the mouse cursor randomly during a game - no real fix so far. This is NOT always related to the cursor trails option and sometimes require a full reboot to be fixed.
    ● Fix : If i reconnect to a dominion game before it starts this happens: if i try to move, the champion will move towards the nexus and get stuck there, even jump skills wont work, like shen's dash. Once the game starts i can move freely. (Courtesy of Tenjin)
    ● Matchmaking : Soloqueue / Premade Ranked

    ARAM / Proving Grounds :
    ● Matchmaking : make ARAM an official mode with matchmaking ! (courtesy of KaXaSA NA)
    refer to this very popular thread : Confirmed by Riot
    ● Feature : have a vote for 'team shuffle' so teams where the majority of players are unhappy with their character can have a redo. Perhaps with an option for 1 or 2 players to lock in and not be shuffled.(courtesy of Hercules Morse)

    More game modes and maps : "Playing the same thing over and over is boring. Why no CTF or King of the Hill." (Courtesy of DreadnaughtXER0)
    Alternatively, add more options to custom games.

    Skins :

    ● Fix : some of the newer skins do not have lower quality versions for the lower visual settings. Such as Firefox Ahri, and Arclight Varus.This causes severe fps drops and in-game lag for older computers. (courtesy of Jessemyn)
    ● More "balance" among champions when it comes to the number/quality of skins. Trundle has been mentioned several times as "skin-starved"...hehe. Soraka is one of the champions from the basic 40 pool, and has never received a skin (courtesy of vox1st). Rumble could also use some love.
    ● Possible feature : "costume changes" suggested by none other than IronStylus - a sort of "lower tier" skin / recoloration to customize a champion's appearance ?
    ● Riot recently introduced "champions pricing changes" which will reduce the price of oldest champions with every new release, why not doing the same with old skins ?
    ● Updates on old skins and particles to match the current quality of skins with the same price.
    ● More multi/cross-themed skins (Crimson Elite, Pulsefire, Noxus vs Demacia, Battlecast vs Full Metal, etc) (Courtesy of Schmucky85)
    ● Updates on popular (sometimes Riot-approved) skins suggested by the players, such as Unprepared Garen.

    Forum / Other :

    ● Feature : A choice of musics to play in game, for example champions themes used in log-in screens. (courtesy of Shimrra3)
    ● Feature : Record / Replay
    ● Feature : One-sided real time spectating (no delay but the spectator can only see what the players from one team can see) - obviously you should only be able to spectate your friends this way. (courtesy of ├čort)
    ● Feature : chosen or customized avatars. Those exist on pretty much every gaming forum.
    ● Feature : database allowing a poster to search for his/her previous posts.
    ● Feature : allows for post-specific jumps when using the search box. Right now, if you search for, say, "akali skillset" and land a 120 pages thread, you have to sift through the whole thing to find the post(s) that have this exact quote in them. (courtesy of Zblugg)
    ● Update on the current stance of Riot about Lore and the Journal of Justice, especially about pending stories (Caitlyn's nemesis, the girl in Alistar's lore...).
    ● Update champions by adding lore-related animations (taunts, laughs...) or interactions, such as the Vi-Caitlyn joke. (courtesy of Poet Ultima)
    ● Update champions' attributes such as tank, order to help with the search function during champion selection (courtesy of OCRemix)
    ● Updates on outdated champions and rework announced / hinted (Heimerdinger, possibly Karma, Poppy...) (courtesy of xX iRust)
    ● Update in particular on the state of Leblanc, @Morello (courtesy of PurePowah, see this thread
    ● Possibility to report or kick trolls from champion selection in ranked games, via a voting system similar to the surrender vote (debatable as it could be abused) (Courtesy of QuickStriike)
    ● Riot's official statement/stance about Oceanian servers ? See the very popular thread from Werewolf :
    ● Feature : an option to select a random skin during champion selection if you own more than 1 for the selected champion. (courtesy of Hostility)
    ● Feature : Accounts transfers NA -> EU (courtesy of n00boxular)
    ● Feature : give people in LoL-beta their grandmaster icons, and/or compensate them for the king rammus skin
    ● Update : stronger / more clever bots in customs to help new players to learn and improve.

    Once again, this is a list to be updated, every relevant idea will be added.
    Please upvote and bump this thread if you find it useful.

    edit : goddammit, the Parrot turned this into a thread about skins, haha. I recommend you follow IronStylus' posts to understand the concept, as I may have formulated it poorly. Anyways, some great suggestions, keep them coming !

    Wrenchman Aregionius posted a (non-official) opinion on the state of these suggestions and fixes in page 36. If you're interested in a particular issue you may check his answer and make a specific post to bring more attention to it.

    edit┬▓ : Well, almost 500 upvotes, thanks guys. I'll update and bump regularly, keep posting
    My formatting skills are quite limited and the list is getting pretty big, if you have any suggestion to make it more readable / standardized, go ahead !
  • Hey, I didnt see anything about skins on here so I have an odd question.. It's something that's been on my brain for a while.. Recently, as a lot of people have noticed, our quality of skins has gone up, including sometimes near reworks of entire champions when we produce skins. We do custom animations, particles, and a lot of other features. It's a big improvement from what we refer to now as "color swaps", when sometimes skins were just palette changes, or maybe small geometry tweaks on the model at most.

    Oh yeah, my question! How do you guys feel about "costume change" skins. Maybe not so much entire sweeping thematic shifts, but maybe just s different treatment of basic look, outfit or armor. Being on the skins team off and on, I really love taking our characters to the nines. One things I've noticed is that sometimes, depending on the champion, some champions can accommodate really incredible and compelling themes, or have real estate for a lot of visual change, and have huge opportunities for particle changes or custom animations, etc, However, sometimes i feel some can't, that's opinion though. Also, sometimes I feel as though champions might just need what basically comes down to a "costume change" to give some new flavor, or something simple and novel. It's a not the greatest term, but I can't really think of something better to use to refer to something that sort of, at most, geometry changes and maybe minor tweaks in other areas.

    What are some thoughts on this? This is entirely a curiosity of mine, and this is no promise of any such content, but I'm always looking for opportunities to bring interesting content to players, and I'm wondering if maybe a "lower" tier of what I've described above is of interest.

    AGAIN! This is no commitment to features, I just genuinely am interested in feelings about this stuff. I have no idea nor any opinion on pricing or any of that, I'm interested in what sort of themes are appropriate, what scope such skins might encompass, and what players feel about what equates to possibly a less packed piece of content than the current lot of skins in terms of VFX, animation and other features.

    So, whaddaya think?
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    Originally Posted by CryoTyrfing View Post
    Whattya mean by costume changes, Stylus? Kinda like thse old 520 recolors but actually done better? Elaborate a bit more if you can, pitch an example if possible.
    Yeah, I guess maybe on par with those skins, but yeah, "better". Again, no idea on price point.

    Simplest example in my brain, Leona, but different armor =P
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    Originally Posted by TheMainMan View Post
    I think this kind of a thing would be great if done well. I don't know if this counts as an accurate description of what you're talking about, but Unmasked Kayle seems like it fits. It wasn't a huge change to her whole outfit but gave a nice touch that was otherwise not there.

    If these were going to be lower quality, but still have a nice touch, it would be great to see the 520 price return. I know other have noticed that that price point just doesn't exist hardly at all on new skins, and with the quality going up, that's understandable. If lower tier skins would come out I would honestly expect a lower tier price point as well.

    Those are some thoughts. Not sure if it's that helpful though.
    Yes, that's what's in my brain.
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    Originally Posted by TheMainMan View Post
    Different armor. Don't her two original skins already do this? Or is that what you mean? Like these skins?
    Pretty much, but it'd be a case-by-case thing because not all champions have such a simple solution.
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    Originally Posted by GhillieSaur View Post
    So kind of like aviator irelia?
    Generally, I suppose, yes.
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    Originally Posted by NotBuzzJack View Post
    Ok Parrot, make a thread for us to post our ideas for costume changes in.
    Why don't you? Then I can pop in and check it out!

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    Originally Posted by TheMainMan View Post
    Now that I'm thinking about it some of the basic recolors are some of my favorite skins, when done well. Example, Grungy Nunu. I don't think that took much redoing as you just changed some colors (I could be wrong here), but I love that skin and want to pick it up when it goes on sale.

    Some of the simple skins just "fit" a champ when done well, and that's the kind of thing that makes them worth it, even if they don't have all the bells and whistles.
    Yeah, this is what I'm talking about. It's not minimizing quality, it's about delivering quality for a theme that might not be a sweeping theme that demands significant bells and whistles as you put it. So long as people have realistic expectations of how much is changed on the skin, and is priced along those expectations, my brain thinks there's something to think about. That's why I'm interested in seeing if the community thinks there's value n such things.
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    Originally Posted by ArmySquirrel View Post
    Oh! I came up with another trick. What about taking some of the original concept art for a champion and rendering it as such a costume? Sort of a 'what might have been' thing. Maybe cleaned up a bit here and there, but asks the question of what the champion would have looked like if the team had taken this direction. Something like that.

    I guess one example might be taking that early concept art of Diana and rendering it a costume (maybe with her proper khopesh instead of a falchion sorta thing).

    Linked for easy reference!
    This is something that actually has come to mind. Is this something people can get on board with? We've had a lot of iteration on base characters, some of the original concept art I feel actually could be used as skins. I have concept art for Graves, lets say, that would more be like a fancy costume treatment than a whole sweeping thematic shift.
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    <table cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%"> <tr> <td class="alt2" style="border:1px inset; padding:10px;"> - There is a known bug where your own Elo / stats are displayed when checking someone else's profile. </td></tr></table>
    I'll check into this when we're back in for the New Year.