@Rioters with "Riot" in their names

  • Do you hate playing solo queue? The last Rioter I played with in solo queue got completely ridiculed the entire game because he didn't do very well. Lots of "I thought you had to know how to play LoL to work for Riot", and "I thought you couldn't have 'Riot' in your name unless you were an employee."

    I know from your forum personalities and such that most of you are pretty thick-skinned, but that has to wear on you, and your decision of whether or not you jump in a queue by yourself. Do you guys mostly do premades? Or Normals? Or does what I described not really happen very often and I saw a special case?
  • While I don't have the "Riot" prefix (which is every Rioter's choice), I am recognized fairly often, so perhaps I can field this from at least one perspective.

    I play quite a bit of solo queue, though I've been doing 5-mans more often these days. I find that, for every jackass who does things to spite me simply because I'm a Rioter, there are three or four that are awesome and make the game a great experience. So I figure my odds are pretty good.

    We do tend to have thick skin, but toxic behavior directed at us will inevitably affect us. But it's part of the job; it's part of being able to interact with you guys directly. We have a responsibility to maintain our composure, and to not lash out. Sometimes that means that we stop playing for the day, and sometimes that means we stop posting for a while. Each person is different.
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    Apparently the people with RIOT in the name are suppose to be new comers
    This is not true.
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    What was your Senior game project?
    Fifth Sun!

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    Originally Posted by IceTwenty View Post
    So why don't you just instantly warn/suspend people who are a jackass to you just because you're a Rioter?

    I figure being a dick to the developers to their face for no reason other than they're the developers is kind of a sign that they're not a very good person, and should probably carry some punishment.

    Or do only the Rioters in charge of player behavior (ex. Lyte and the people who work for/with him) have the power to insta-punish someone after a game?
    This is actually an interesting point of discussion. How much direct power should Rioters have over disciplinary actions? This gets brought up in the office from time to time.

    But the long and short of it is that I use the Report feature like everyone else.
  • RIOTers can choose if they want to tag their name or not. Not having a tag allows you to experience the game much closer to what every player experiences every day, which is a very important aspect.

    Now recently I decided to tag myself as I am setting up more and more ARAMs and try to offer myself up for the carry a rioter to your 1000s win challenge, which is just a whole lot easier with RIOT in your name. ("R u rly riot?").

    I would most I play are equal or maybe even enriched by being known as a RIOTer. That does not mean its any easier as it appears in almost every game I play I have a huge 100 feet target above my head. Couple this with my pretty bad lane awareness and overextending its a receipt for repeat gray screening failure.

    There are games where some are players are very vicious, not really bothering me to much in most cases. If this is really bad I just do what every other player (including rioters) do and report them at the end of the game. BTW our reports carry exactly the same weight. If we come across extremely toxic players we have the ability to get our epic player support people to go investigate and deal with it to protect other players from the individual.
  • I leave Riot out because it keeps me grounded. Can't have me going mad with power, y'know? <s>There'll be plenty of time for that later</s>
  • I don't seem to have too much trouble with it. If I do come across someone creating a negative experience, then I do what I always did before I joined Riot:

    1) /ignore user
    2) report after the game

    I think a lot of people forget about step 1, and thus get bent out of shape over being berated. Of course we don't want that toxic behavior to occur, but rather than become a victim to it for 20-30 minutes, just /ignore and forget about them if you can. Also, this is much more gratifying to me than trying to argue back... that only gives them more power.

    Of course, this tactic becomes much more difficult when people are intentionally feeding rather than verbal abuse, but based on my experience doing the Tribunal those cases are easily identified and punished.