Gifting Center Glitch!

  • My friend wanted to buy some skins for chrsitmas but he doesn't have a credit card, so we bought rp on my account with my card and then we planned to buy the skins that he wanted through the gifting center. We knew that that you have to be friends with each other for some time in order to send gifts. We didn't think that this would be a problem because we have been friends for at least half a year

    But apparently this was a problem!

    When I tried yo gift Surprise Party Fiddlesticks to my friend he was REMOVED from my FRIENDLIST for NO REASON. We added each other again and voila! Apparently we had not been friends long enough to send each other gifts!

    This is so bad.... Now I have completely wasted 10 euro on rp that I don't want and need all because of the LoL-client.

    Doesn't RIOT have to fix this?
  • Hi MrSabel,

    you can create a support ticket at if you feel you need a refund for the RP purchase. I don't know what the rules are for that, but these guys do and will help you out.

    In terms of the issue you had, could you give me some dates and approximate times that this occurred so I can check in with the store team to try to track the issue down.

    Just an FYI, the Bug Report forum is a better place to submit bugs as it is actively monitored by our NOC:

  • Thanks for the info.