@Riot - Looking to Follow Rioters on Twitter!

  • Greetings summoners and Rioters! I've had my Twitter account since 2008 and recently revived it. I'm looking to add some AWESOME reds so I can follow you guys but I really need your Twitter names!

    So here's what I'd like to do- put your Twitter name, what exactly you do for Riot, and then tell me what your favorite TV Show or Movie is so I can also learn about you, too! I'll add you asap and we can be bestest friends forever!
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    Originally Posted by Eserine View Post

    I follow a number of the Riot staff, and it was annoying hunting down their accounts originally, feel free to look through my "following" list.
    I'm insulted and sad that I'm not on there =(


    Oh well! Here's me and ohmikegoodness!


    If you look at who I'm following you can probably pick out a lot of other Rioters
  • I just started my Twitter, but don't have many tweets yet since it is still break. I will be tweeting more when I get back :-)

  • Why hello there! I usually talk about off topic stuff, but you can follow me at https://twitter.com/ququroon if you so choose to! Also you should all post your Twitters too. We can have a networking party!

    And uh... favorite movie/tv show... I'm a fan of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
  • www.twitter.com/RiotMsPudding

    I tweet about food, league, streaming, cool work stuff, and wiggles.
  • I'm http://twitter.com/ivey (and @ivey most other places). I work on the deployment and automation team, building the tools that help get new versions of the game out to all the servers. I mostly tweet nonsense, with a little bit of Ruby programming and devops stuff.