For any female summoners.

  • We do not care that you're a girl, please stop shoving it in our faces and make the innocent basement dwellers swoon to your needs. You're in a game, the only thing you are to us are pixels and possibly sound waves. For the love of god I do not need to hear about how you're not a "guy" when i say something with the word guys in it. You being female does not change how i feel about how well you play.
    Streamers, if you are female and feel the need to use it to your advantage then fine, but for the love of all that is love by the several gods of earth, stop trying to act cute, its not cute, its not moe, its not kawaii. It just makes you look like a idiot. On top of that, you do not have to act like the fact you're female suddenly changes your existence as a gamer.
    Female summoners who do not do this, I have nothing to say to you as you're just like 94.721% of the male summoners.
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    BUT, If any females are interested in playing with Suicidal, feel free to add me.
    I loled.