Support choices - team comp or lane comp

  • I main support and I've noticed that often i'm faced with being forced to choose a support that complements my ADC well or fills a gap in my team.

    I used to always go with what's best for my lane, under the theory win lane win game, but i've found the more I pick a support that benefits the whole team the more often I win.

    Which do you guys think is better?
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    Which do you guys think is better?
    personally i like to pick bot lane as a pair that makes sense for the team comp as well as who we're up against. so, if we have jungle amumu then i might opt for something like mf + zyra bot, but only if laning without sustain won't be an issue. if your adc is picking egocentrically (i.e., picking what they're best at regardless of other factors), then i'd opt to pick support based on the teams more so than the laneĀ…but you can't ignore either side 100% imo.