I'm having more trouble deciding a champion to buy...

  • I ask here because it's a lot of people recommending a champion and not just some of my friends.

    I like kills (assists with supports)
    I don't jungle
    I like fun champions

    Anivia (though I'm pretty sure she's free this week)
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    Originally Posted by Joe Charleson View Post
    I like fun champions
    Vi is fun Totally not biased.

    From that list you posted I'd go with Kassadin. He's VERY fun IMO. Blinking around at will late game is crazy cool and makes you feel super clever. He's great for getting kills if you get ahead.

    Also, Season 3 has been great for Kass' laning. Flask + 7 pot means you just outsustain the opponent's harass and then start killing them @ 6. Of course, people are running a ton of AD's mid now...that could be a problem.