5th Gold Stream Data Analysis

  • Hi, I would like to get Riot's attention here if possible :)

    The attached image linearly shows a 4,000 gold difference that accumulates over 30 minutes in Summoner's Rift between a support and a normal lane participant.

    All of the data and assumptions are in the excel file- note the farthest right column in the purple table that shows the amassing difference between the two selected gold streams.

    This difference includes every possible GP 10 rune/mastery, and the purchasing of philosopher's stone and kage's lucky pick as soon as possible. I do not deduct the purchase price of either item since my purpose is to compare the maximum possible income potential of a support to that of an average lane participant.

    The third worksheet in the excel file contains a chart of a support's gold stream (including ambient gold) compared to that of an AD carry (assuming an 80% last-hit ratio).

    I understand that support items were made cheaper, and that sightstone and flask free us from a bit of the burden of purchasing consumables; however, I still believe that supports should be able to afford purchasing a decent amount of AP so that they can enjoy massive healing ability and devastating ult potential. Currently it is difficult to afford any decent AP items when staying on top of vision wards in-lane, and on top of oracle's late game, consumes what little gold flow we have to work with in the first place.

    Thank you very much for your time!
    I look forward to hearing anyone's (rational) responses :)
  • Cool analysis! Keep up the good work!