Why in God's name can we not gift certain people stuff

  • This is the stupidest thing, i can't even think of some horrible exploit that could come from being able to gift people stuff, especially with the cap of 3 per day.

    So me and my friends introduced my brother to LoL ages ago, he made an account and everything, but at the time he couldn't play because of school, now he's really getting into it and is about level 13 or 14.

    He had already decided, after watching my cousin just slam dunk people that Darius was his favorite character and when i said i would buy him one skin of his choice he was deadset on Bioforge Darius.

    After playing like crazy to get enough ip for Darius before gifting ended he finally reached 6300, just to finally discover that i "have not known him long enough" for me to gift him a skin.

    I don't know if it's possible for anyone at Riot to do something about this, but i would really appreciate if someone could in the Snowdown spirit, otherwise just let me know that nothing can be done.
  • We'll be taking gifting down soon to work on some improvements and do some deep data checks on the effects on fraud, account security, etc. We'll also be looking into what may be causing some people to be unable to gift when they think they should. There won't be any further changes before we disable it for Snowdown - but it'll be coming back.