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  • I've known a couple of "Pro" LoL-players for quite some time now, and recently got into the game myself. I have to admit, I'm absolutely ADDICTED. I love almost everything about the game. The biggest problem for me, however, is that LoL isn't supported on Linux platforms.

    My laptop used to have Windows Vista. Vista was far too bulky an OS for my computer, however and would crash upon startup. Being perpetually broke, I had no choice but to turn to Linux, and I now run the most common Linux distro. - Ubuntu.

    I've found some pages with instructions on how to configure Wine(a Windows emulator) to support LoL, however I'm new to Linux and have had numerous problems with the installation alone. After 6 hours of research and tweaking(just today) I've decided that it simply isn't happening.

    I strongly feel that Riot should support at least the most common Linux distros for their less wealthy players. I'm sure I've read somewhere that Riot has already considered this and has decided not to do so.

    So, now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to pirate Windows XP. While I cant directly blame Riot for leading me to such criminal actions, I'm going to anyway. "Riot, why must you push me and other poor linux users towards criminal actions rather than solve the problem by putting your FREE game in the linux repos?"

    Ignorance at it's finest. But that's just how I roll.
  • I love Ubuntu. It is my main operating system. I only use Windows for LoL.

    Even if you got Wine running, it is unlikely LoL would run inside of it. Most games do not perform all that well in Wine. Too many graphics requirements and translations to do.
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    God linux looks like a pain in the ass.

    Lots of functionality but 0 compatibility.
    Games are a sore spot for Linux.

    In general, it has a steep learning curve but the payoff is worth it. Especially if you program.