Who Was the First Champion You Played?

  • In your first game of League of Legends, who was the first champion you picked? I picked Sona :3
  • I'm not sure I remember, but it was probably Ashe. She and Jax were my mains for the first 6 months or so that I played.
  • Amumu. My wife heard the champ select quote when I was clicking through them. As you know, he's very, very sad--so she immediately shouted, "YOU HAVE TO PICK HIM!!!!"

    (She shouts in caps lock and with lots of exclamation marks)
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    Warwick i think.
    Me, too!

    Because werewolves.
  • Believe it or not, the first champ I ever played was GP. I was in a big pirate phase. That and shooting people in the face.

    And then I went back a week later to play him and it was a different rotation, so I grinded games until I could afford him. And in doing so, is when I met my first true love:

    Evelynn <3