Unusual/Different Runepages?

  • Just a general thought- do runes besides the usual builds for champ types ever have a place? I recently turned lvl 30 and have a few full rune pages and feel like experimenting. Just curious if weird Runepages or Hybrid (half ___/half ___reds) can ever work. My understanding is that runes make more of a difference in early game. My thought was just if every ADC has the same generic page, maybe a different build could give an early or later game advantage? I realize this is a very broad question.*
  • Yes, less standard rune pages can certainly have their place, though I think it's much less likely you'll find yourself splitting two different runes in the same slot type. However some of the less used runes can still be dropped in for some fun stuff.

    For instance my standard ADC page is something like AD/AR/MR per lvl/Lifesteal, but technically a Crit Damage red/quint page would scale into late game better than this (assuming you're gonna grab an IE/PhD). That being said, it's utterly useless early game with anyone who doesn't have free crit (Trynd/Shaco).

    A lot of the "common" builds are staples because of how well they work, but don't let that stop you from trying some new stuff you think could be fun!