Damiya's Big Ole Streaming Thread

  • Much like the Cylons, I have a plan. And that plan entails creating a single thread for stream-y things rather than spamming threads whenever I go online. Because, let's be honest, I stream a lot >.>

    This is the implementation of that plan.

    Elo as of 1/2: 1248
    Elo as of 1/4 @ 7:36pm: 1310
    Elo as of 1/17 @ 8:18pm: 1245
    Stream Link: http://twitch.tv/robodamiya
    Twitter Link: http://twitter.com/riotdamiya

    If this thread is visible, it means I'm streaming.

    GL;HF y'all
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    no camera, obviously just a computer ai.

    or is there
  • Earned some Elo at work today.. 14 points in fact! Bringing me to 1272

    The quest for Gold continues. Join me at http://twitch.tv/robodamiya
  • Brand new graphics card needs to be broken in.. Got a groovy 7950 that needs to be put through her paces!

    Current Elo: 1310.

    Onwards to gold!
  • I'm doing Science and I'm still alive.
    I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive.

    Current Elo: 1271
    Gonna play two games or so

  • How does this internet thing work?

    Current Elo: 1245