@RiotNome: What will it take to increase the player base of 3v3?

  • I, like most other TT players, find this mode to be an incredibly fast paced, strategically challenging and a lot less frustrating to play on cause people seem...nicer.

    My gripe is that not enough people play on this map and I feel as though it's because 5v5 hogs all of the limelight with it's huge advertising that it gets from you guys.

    Then we hear, "Not enough player base to warrant Ranked", well that's the conundrum that you guys put your self in. People don't want to play 3v3 unless it's ranked, yet you won't do ranked cause you don't have enough people who want to play 3v3.

    What will it take from you guys, and/or, us to get this 3v3 to take off?

    I find it much more compelling because the games are faster and the community in 3v3 is as I've said before, much more nice.
  • There's still a good bit I'd like to explore before I'm satisfied with the game flow. On the balance side, there are still a few outliers that exist in non-competitive play that live team either isn't handling or planning to handle at the moment. I'd like to patch those holes in either through itemization, mechanics, or other to-be-decided methods.

    As a company, we've certainly got our work cut out for us from the promotional side. We'll need to figure that out internally.